Alveolar Osteogenic Distraction

Another form of bone regeneration is the process of distraction, ie, moving bone from one spot to another spot. Many years ago, an orthopedic surgeon was perplexed He had to increase the height of a patientís leg. He found that if he fractured the bone and he placed two screws, he could gain bone growth on a daily basis, millimeter by millimeter. This process of distraction has been carried into dentistry and into implantology via alveolar distraction techniques.

In some cases bone grafting may not solve the problem for placement of the implants. Therefore, this new technique of alveolar osteogenic distraction has been devised.

The process is briefly, one in which a flap is reflected to expose the bone. The bone is cut in certain perimeters. A distraction device is placed. The tissue is brought back together and over a period of time the bone is moved from one spot to another spot, i.e., literally fracturing the bone and moving it to another spot.

The natural process of bone healing called calcification will cause the area to heal. This is the same process when you break your jaw or when you break a bone, the calcification is laid down to make new bone. After a period of time, implants are then placed. Enclosed you will see this process as courtesy from Ace Surgical Supply.

A case presentation of an Alveolar Osteogenic Destractor

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