Compound Extractions

A compound extraction often requires a surgical removal of a tooth.

In a surgical removal of a tooth, the following steps are necessary.

(1) A scalpel is used to loosen the tissue and gingiva around the tooth.
(2) A periosteal elevator then loosens the periosteum.
(3) A mucoperiosteal flap, in other words the gum and the covering over the bone is reflected and designed in order to keep cosmetics in mind to allow to visualize the tooth and the bone and its housing. Then, either by using chisels or a high speed surgical drill, bone is removed or the tooth is sectioned, and then the tooth is removed after the facilitation of the surgical entry.
(4) Usually, gut sutures are placed that will dissolve. In many instances however, silk sutures are placed.
(5) If silk sutures are placed, you will have to be seen for suture removal.

In may cases of surgical removal, a second visit will be necessary to allow for observation and to check on postoperative complications.

View the slideshow below to see surgical removal techniques:

It is to be pointed out that there are many varied ways to remove teeth. Every surgeon has the ability to improvise and use their expertise to render the least amount of trauma in the removal of teeth to allow you the patient the least amount of pain and swelling.

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