Endodontic Surgery

The number one cause for the need for surgical endodontics is after a root canal has been done there is infection that is residual. The second cause is the admission of additional roots and canals that have not been closed by the conservative root canal. Therefore, the process to save the tooth by doing an apicoectomy is that process whereby the root will be amputated and a filling will be placed to save the tooth.

Procedure Information

The surgical intervention to save teeth after root canals have been performed is that process to alleviate dental infection and pain while maintaining the function of the tooth. This is a surgical procedure whereby a flap is reflected, the end of the root is found, and using magnifying lenses, the canals are obtained then closed and a surgical filling is placed at the end of the root. You may wish download and review the informed consent for surgical root canal that will explain many of the problems that are inherent with surgical root canals.

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