Instructions for General Anesthesia

1) NOTHING to eat or drink (including water) for six (6) hours before surgery. If you are on medication you may take just enough water to swallow your pills.

2) Must be accompanied by an ADULT. The person who comes with you can not drop you off at our office, they must wait in the office until you are ready to leave and be responsible for driving you home.

3) Our office would kindly appreciate the person that accompanies you the day of your surgery to come alone and do not bring along any children due to the following reason. Our recovery room is only large enough for the patient and one other adult.

4) Wear loose clothing especially on your arms.

5) No contact lenses

6) 24 hour notice is required for all cancellations, you will be billed for the visit if we are not notified 24 hours prior to appointment


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