(1) You must pay particular care to your oral hygiene.
(2) You must keep your teeth and new prosthesis scrupulously clean.
(3) You must return to your reconstructive professional, i.e. your dentist or prosthodontist on a periodic basis.
(4) You must perform cleaning techniques at least twice daily on your new prosthesis, i.e., flossing, brushing and rinsing.

Due to the fact that while you are sleeping saliva flow slows down and bacterial plaque builds up, therefore it is imperative that in the a.m. you must perform flossing, rinsing and brushing.

It goes without saying at the end of the day in order to remove food and debris, you must floss, brush and rinse.

If you have a removable prosthesis (denture) or a fixed one, you must clean around it, in front of it, in back of it, on top of it and underneath it. Clean between the teeth, back area and front area.

The abutment posts, the area that holds your prosthesis, clean around, front, back, up and down. This is done with dental tape or dental floss.

Brush the posts and the dentures, prosthesis. Use soft brush to all the surfaces.

Rinsing, you may be given an antibacterial rinse, chlorhexidine. You should use this as directed. You also may be given chlorhexidine gel. Use this as directed.

Water Pik, this is recommended for those that have lack of manual dexterity. This will aid in keeping debris and food particles from all your prosthesis.

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