In general

(1) It is to be noted that you must bring your referral slip from your dentist or physician; Bring a list of your medications that you are taking.

(2) If you are an asthmatic, bring your inhalers and if you are taking any sterioids, including Prednizone, please bring these medications with you.

(3) Patients who require antibiotic prophylaxis because of heart murmurs, artificial joints, shunts and artificial heart valves should take the appropriate antibiotic dose one hour prior to surgery with a sip of water. If there are any questions regarding this protocol, call our office at 617-628-8000.

(4) Patients who are treated with heart medications or any blood pressure medications, thyroid medications and ulcer medications may take their medications with food and with a small amount of water one hour prior to surgery, even if you are undergoing general anesthesia.

(5) Diabetic patients are usually scheduled in the morning and should have a consultation prior to the surgical procedure. However, if it is for a routine single extraction under local anesthesia, the diabetic patient should eat and take their regular insulin.

(6) All general anesthesia insulin-dependent patients will be seen prior to surgery and given their appropriate insulin doses.

(7) Diabetic patients who are controlled with oral medications are to take their medication regardless.

(8) All general anesthesia patients must be accompanied by a responsible adult who will be able to drive you home. No children are allowed, as they may distract your guardian from your care. The guardian must remain at the doctor's office throughout the surgery.

(9) Oral hygiene is an imperative part of surgery. Therefore, it is imperative that you try to keep your teeth clean and brush them prior to surgery. This will lessen the extent of infection.

(10) General anesthesia pre-op instructions are under the Anesthesia Protocol.

(11) All patients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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