PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Information

PRP is a blood clot enhanced with high concentration of platelets (four to five times baseline), with a high concentration of natural-appearing growth factors in their biologically determined ratios. It also aids cellular adhesion molecules found in plasma.

PRF s growth factors: Mitogenesis, angiogenesis, cellular differentiation, chemotaxis, and matrix synthesis. These are all moderating effects of growth factors on cells. PRP has growth factors. They promote stem cell growth, angiogenesis, endothelial cell growth, and chemotaxis, which are healing capable cells, fibroblasts, smooth muscle cells, osteoclasts, and bone matrix. These combinations demonstrate rapid growth in periodontal generation, i.e. PRP influences and increases growth cells.

1. In essence, PRP provides the ability to deliver biological active blood components (fibrin, fibronectin, and vitrosin) topically to specific areas of surgical site.

2. PRP provides the ability to deliver a high concentration of native growth factors, which affect nearly all wound healing mechanisms topically at the specific sites of a surgical site.

3. Attachment and stabilization of blood clots at the surface of a dental implant the migration of bone cells to the implant surfaces ultimately resulting in the greater areas of contact for osteogenesis, i.e. growth factors and stabilization of the implant.

4. In appropriate concentrations, growth factors contained in PRP have been shown to provide enhanced maturation and density of autogenous particulate cancellous marrow bone grafts. In other words, when PRP is used in the process of bone grafting, it enhances the maturation, i.e. the process of growth and aids in the successful adherence of the bone graft.

5. PRP is also used in the tissue maturation of free tissue soft grafts if this is applicable.

6. PRP helps in the dermal grafts that we use.

7. PRP is used to enhance wound healing and is patient friendly.

We in this office have the capabilities of producing PRP for delivery at the surgical site and is used to enhance our implant therapy.

Since the advent of PRP, we find that our success rate of implant, bone grafting and tissue grafting has been increased.

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Mixing of PRP
A surgical procedure
A surgical procedure

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